Meetial is a concept connecting people to each other. Whether for business or pleasure, Meetial can be the most natural solution for people looking to meet others. If you are a real networker, Meetial can be that essential tool to help you get to know more people in the most effective way possible.

Naturally Meetial does not build itself. A lot of development time will need to be spend connecting to as many social networks as possible. The same goes for connecting to as many online schedulers as possible. The connection between those will be made by Meetial to ensure users can meet at the best possible time.

Meetial can not do this by itself. We need you to support us. We are looking for investers, sales people and programmers worldwide to make this happen. Because we do not just want to be a networking tool, we want to harnass the power of the network in Meetial as well.

If you are interested to support us, please do let us know. Send us an email onĀ to let us know what we can do together.